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Get paid within 4 hours when you select Paypal.

Get paid within 4 hours when you select Paypal

How It Works

Selling Your Device

Step 1.
In the search field type the device you are wanting to sell, for example iPhone 6 16GB. As you start typing it will start adding the devices that are matching. You can even write 6 16 and it will know what you want.

Step 2.
Select the condition of your device and tick any of the checkboxes if there are any issues. You will see a quote on the screen. Press the "Sell Now" button.

Step 3.
Here you can add or subtract devices. Once happy click the "Pay Me" button. You will need to either register your own details or if already a member type in your email address and password. Confirm your details and press "Continue".

Step 4.
Choose how you would like to be paid. If you choose PayPal we will pay you within 4 business hours of us receiving the device. If Bank Transfer we will process the payment within 8 business hours. We bank with BankWest which is owned by Commonwealth Bank so if you bank with either of them the funds should be transferred in 2-3 business hours. Add your payment details and press continue.

Step 5.
Select how you would like to get the device sent to us. Both methods are free. We can send you a satchel that has all our details and your details on it. Once you get it just put the devices in it and drop it off in the post. The satchel comes with tracking so we can both keep an eye on it. You can print off our reply paid details and stick them on to whatever packaging you want. We get everything from padded bags, shoe boxes, Weet Bix boxes. Just make sure it is well packaged with bubble wrap, tissues, cardboard etc. Press the "Complete button" and you will see an overview of what you are selling, your details, how you are getting paid and how you are getting it to us. You will see on the order "We will cash back on 2.5 % on your Order Total". This is our reward to you. Each time you sell a device you get 2.5% of the value back into your reward pot. Once you have $50 in the pot you can put in a request to withdraw and we will pay you. Click the "Finish" button and congratulations you have successfully sold your device. You will be given an order number and an email is sent to you straight away for your records.