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Sell Your Google Pixel 2 XL 128GB

Please select the condition of your device

  • Must be in "NEW" condition
  • NO Scratches
  • NO Scuffs
  • No Sign of Wear & Tear
  • Standard use acceptable (i.e. light scratches on the screen)
  • No cosmetic damage (i.e cracks/ dents/ deep scratches)
  • No faulty or missing parts
  • waterdamage ok
  • must not be "Activation locked"
  • Not bent or tampered with

Please note that the phone needs to meet our As New Condition.

1. No Physical Damage – This Includes Scratches

2. Needs OEM Box & Original Charger

If your phone did not meet our "As New" standards, we will offer you a reduced quote. If rejected, your device will be sent back to you.

Please note that the phone needs to meet our "Working" standards.

1. All faults present must be selected from the list below.

2.Cosmetic Damage to be ticked if the device has large or deep scratches or significant dents and markings around the frame. Minor scratches and scuffs are considered everyday use and accepted.

We will pay you
$ 900 140 860
Per Unit
If your device does not meet any of these standards you will be offered a revised quote per the checked tick box. If you decide you want the phone back we will send it back free of charge.
Total Price :$