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Terms and Conditions

By sending your device - you are accepting the Terms & Conditions outlined below. 

You agree to the following Terms & Conditions of www.WeBuyBack.com.au

1. WeBuyBack.com.au will always reset any of the devices we receive to the factory default and erase all content and settings. If a device is found to be iCloud locked, Google locked or any other means of being locked we will contact you within 4 hours to advise. iCloud locked devices have $0 value. Google locked devices will be offered the dead price. WeBuyBack.com.au takes very seriously the responsibility of making sure that all personal information will be removed from the device/s.  

2. You understand and agree that all data stored on the device will be deleted and will be unrecoverable. It is strongly advised to fully factory reset your device/s prior to sending them in to us.

3. You are the sole and rightful owner of this mobile device being sold to WeBuyBack.com.au If any devices that you trade in turn out to be lost or stolen, you will waive your right to be paid. 

4. The condition and model number of the device/s that you have provided to WeBuyBack.com.au are accurate. 

5. WeBuyBack.com.au is not liable for items that may be lost during transit by Australia Post or our Free Satchel Method. You have the option to send via Australia Post Registered or Australia Post Express, at your own cost – we highly recommend this for speed and reliability. 

6. Once we receive the device/s it will be assessed based on the conditions selected on our website. If the condition, model or memory size is different than registered we will contact you via telephone/email and give you the option of either the amount that meets the condition of your device or returning it free of charge. If we receive no response within 14 days of making the revised-offer, we will proceed with payment for the revised price.

7. If you choose PayPal as your preferred payment method we will pay you within 4 business hours of us receiving the device. If Bank Transfer is chosen we will process the payment within 8 business hours. 

8. Any stolen, blocked, counterfeit or fake devices sent to us will be reported to the police. No payment will be made and the device/s will not be returned. 

9. For overseas devices that are registered as "New" condition WeBuyBack.com.au will only offer either a 10% reduction in the "As New" price or pay out the "Working" price whichever is in your favour. This reduction regardless of condition of the device is to cover differences in Australian Consumer Warranty laws, overseas wall adaptors and limitations on Australian networks.

10. You understand that if the device is found to have liquid damage or physical damage, it may be subject to a revised offer which you will have the choice to accept or have the device sent back free of charge. 
If we receive no response within 14 days of making the revised-offer, we will proceed with payment for the revised price.

11. WeBuyBack.com.au must physically receive the device within 14 days from sell order date if you have chosen to send it in yourself or selected the drop off option. If you have selected for us to send you a satchel then we must receive the device/s with 21 days from the sell order date. We review prices every 14 days therefore have the right to offer a lesser amount if the devices are received outside of these time frames and a price drop has been set. You will have the opportunity to either accept or reject. 
If we receive no response within 14 days of making the revised-offer, we will proceed with payment for the revised price.

12. All device pricing are inclusive of GST. The confirmation email with final price acts as a GST invoice.

13. You will ensure that all payment information (PayPal Email Address, Account name, BSB and Account number) are correct. WeBuyBack.com.au does not validate the details provided and cannot guarantee the receiving bank validates the details for the payment instruction. Any error in these payment details may result in a loss of funds or a delay in payment. To the extent permitted by law, WeBuyBack.com.au is not liable for loss arising from any error in instructions given or by an authorised user.

14. WeBuyBack.com.au has the right to reject the initial online trade in offer if the device has found to have missing/aftermarkets parts and/or has been tampered with by an unauthorised repair agent. This 
includes the unauthorised software upgrades also known as “jailbroken” for Apple iPhones and “rooted” for Android phones. You will be offered a revised quote or the option to return the device/s to you free of charge.

15. WeBuyBack.com.au will dispose of any iCloud locked devices after 28 days after we have sent an email out to unlock the device from the iCloud account. To have the iCloud account locked device returned to you, you are responsible for the original postage cost and the return postage costs. iCloud locked devices have $0 trade in value.

16. You agree to receiving a follow up email from our review partner Trust Pilot giving you an opportunity to openly review the service we have provided.